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Have you ever seen a clone of yourself when you accidentally got disconnected from the network and wanted to kill it? To do so, type /msg NickServ ghost nickname

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About Global Gamers

Global Gamers is an IRC network that was formed on one simple concept: gaming should be fun!  Whether you live for annihilating the competition in a free-for-all FPS or you sneak in a game of Solitaire when your friends aren't watching, we understand.  We know games are there to be enjoyed, and we don't want to complicate something that's supposed to be a source of entertainment.

IRC networks provide people with a place on the Internet where they can chat with others who share their interests, coordinate with other members of a team, or simply be a part of an active community.  You can learn more about IRC at our general IRC support page.  Our goal is to provide a fun, relaxed environment with minimum interference but maximum support for everyone who follows the network rules.

To insure the users receive the best service possible, our staff is divided into four teams.  Support team members can help with any questions or concerns about the network or its services, and the community team runs special events, offers personal support to channels upon request, and handles user feedback.  Development team members are responsible for coding new features for services or the website, and the network team keeps services updated and maintains server links.  If you would like more information about those teams, please visit our staff page.

All of our staff members are helpful and experienced, and we have dealt with everything from IRC trivia games to the latest console releases and even old-fashioned tabletop geekery and text-based adventure games.  We believe the users are what make a network great, and no staff member is better than any other user on the network -- after all, without other users, there would be no need for staff members!  Above all, we strive to treat every user with respect and approach issues from a rational point of view.

Convenience and security for the users are also top priorities, and we are running X3 services and using the Nefarious IRCd on the network for that reason.  X3 is a fantastic services package based on SRVX and created by people over at AfterNET.  The Nefarious IRCd is an extended version of ircu and was also created by people from AfterNET.  More information on how to use our services is available in our support section.

Finally, our thanks go out to everyone who has supported the network's evolution and everyone who inspired us and taught us along the way. What began as a private corner of the Internet where a few people tested various services and features for IRC has grown into a public network with a strong team and a sincere focus on user support, and we look forward to continuing to grow and adapt to the users' changing needs.  We are all part of the same community, regardless of status or background, and we are proud to welcome you to GG!

For an overview of the history of Global Gamers, see the timeline.