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Global Gamers Creed

A creed is essentially a written set of beliefs or values. Global Gamers was founded on a number of core principles, and we would like the users to know what we stand for. This is a list of our promises to our users, those who count on us to provide them with a place of their own on IRC. It's an extensive document, and probably still not exhaustive, but we hope you will find it useful, because this is what we owe to you.

Whether it's positive or negative, as long as it is informative, user feedback is critical to us. We promise we will never stop listening to the users' impressions of our network. We welcome ideas on how to improve the network, and we know we can't think of everything ourselves.

IRC has been around for years, and it still remains the most effective way for groups of people to communicate online. However, with the ever-changing nature of the Internet, it's all too easy for an IRC network to exhaust itself on one major accomplishment and then fade away. We are devoted to not letting that happen with Global Gamers. We will never stop working on ways to improve users' experiences with IRC, and we will always welcome feedback from users about what they would like to see changed. Moreover, we aim to promote increased awareness of the benefits of IRC, guide new users who are intimidated by its complexity, and show gamers everywhere exactly what IRC can do.

Staff Member and User Interaction
Global Gamers staff members are expected to exercise a great deal of patience and restraint when interacting with users, especially when users are upset and may say things out of anger. We do our best to remain calm and treat everyone with respect regardless of the situation. In accordance with our g-line policy, staff members do not issue g-lines based on how they are treated by a user. By not resorting to rash actions or insults, we try to set an example for the users on our network.

G-line Policy
G-lines will always remain a last resort on Global Gamers. We believe they are most effective when dealing with bots or other automated threats, not in cases that involve real people who often respond best to normal conversation. As a result, we will only issue a g-line on a person if they are a threat to the network or no other course of action would be effective. In every case where a g-line is required against a person, we will try to warn that person before issuing the g-line so he or she understands the situation. G-lines will not be issued out of spite or as a result of a disagreement.

Freedom vs Control
Whenever possible, we will offer freedom rather than enforcing control, giving users the option of what they want to see or how they want their channels and accounts configured. Channel owners should be able to auto-op everyone in their channels if they so choose, and they should not have to worry about modes being imposed in their channels without their consent. Account owners should be able to remove hostmask restrictions if they're confident in their ability to keep passwords secure. Users should be allowed to disable non-emergency network notices, and they should be able to determine whether services respond in PM or through notice. Most people are responsible enough to be careful with freedom, and we respect that. We will not seek to punish the entire network when only a small number of people need to be restricted.

Channel Registrations
Except in rare cases where it is necessary to temporarily disable open channel registrations for security purposes, users will always be able to register their own channels and nicknames. Our rules for channel registration will remain simple, and we will not interfere with channels that pose no threat to the network and do not violate our rules. Global Gamers staff members will be available to handle channel ownership disputes or reports of violations, but we believe the freedom is worth more than the cost.

Fakehost Availability
Every user on the network will always be entitled to his or her own fakehost. Fakehost registrations will never be limited by anything more than our acceptable language and identity policies. If we receive complaints that a user is misusing a fakehost in some way, we may have to impose restrictions on that user, but we will not punish all users by making the restrictions a network-wide policy.

Other IRC Networks
Most of us idle on more than one IRC network, and we tend to believe it's to everyone's benefit if you have more than one place to keep in touch with people online. Consequently, anyone who registers a channel on Global Gamers is free to notify users of where else they can be found through the channel topic, ChanServ on-join notices, Global Gamers forums, and so on. All that we ask is that you abide by our rules against spam in general. We aim to treat other IRC networks as peers, not competition, and we will not discourage our users from having normal discussions about other networks. That being said, a Global Gamers staff member may have to step in if someone spams, or if the conversation becomes antagonistic toward any other network.

Network Mergers
We believe very strongly in the ideas that led us to form Global Gamers, and we are committed to the creation of a stable home for gamers on IRC. We are not doing this for power or fame. This means that we will not merge in with another IRC network and risk losing what Global Gamers stands for. We will not subject our users to mergers where their channels and accounts may be at odds with those of users on another network, where support might not be the same and staff members may not be as thick-skinned. This network grew out of what we think gamers deserve, and we will do everything in our power to see that it stays that way.

Netsplits are a problem that haunts any IRC operator's mind. We can't control what happens to the routes between the servers, spanning from city to city and continent to continent, and that is often where netsplits begin. However, we promise we will never shrug off netsplits as a necessary evil, or a normal part of IRC operations. We will notify users of planned outages as far in advance as we are able, and we will inform users of what caused any unplanned outages as early as possible. Furthermore, we are constantly exploring hardware and software options to reduce netsplits. We know they are annoying and disruptive, and we want to see them eliminated as much as the users do.

We fully respect the privacy of our users. We do not share e-mail addresses or other sensitive account information with any third parties, and we will not share a user's IP if he or she is behind a fakehost. Users' passwords are stored only in encrypted form, and Global Gamers staff members will never ask users for their passwords. Additionally, Global Gamers staff members will not enter a private channel without permission unless a serious network issue requires it.