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10th anniversary party details - Posted by ButtaKnife on November 11, 2016

This Saturday, Nov. 12th at 10AM Pacific/1PM Eastern/6PM UTC is GG's 10th anniversary celebration! Join us in #Home on using your favorite IRC client or using our Webchat. This year we'll have a few more events than usual, and while most of them will be a surprise, you should be prepared to play at least these games:

We'll also be giving away prizes in our typical raffle format, so be sure to log in to NickServ and type !raffle in #Home to be entered into the drawings! The drawings will take place throughout the party and as long as you enter the raffle you don't need to be present to win. Just check back later and contact us if you were one of the winners.

We hope to see you at the party!


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