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Do you always get confused between a secret (+s) or private channel (+p)? The answer lies here: secret and private will be hidden from /whois and /list, but information about private channels, such as the topic and modes, can still be found.

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Global Gamers Support

If you need help connecting to the Global Gamers IRC network, have questions about ChanServ or NickServ, think you might be banned from the network, or would like any other information about how to use Global Gamers, you are in the right spot!

Getting Started - A beginner's guide to IRC and Global Gamers.
FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions, and a Contact Us form.
Help Guides - Find out how to use IRC, ChanServ, NickServ, clan features, and more!
Connection Help - Help with connecting to the IRC network. If you think you might be banned from the network, or if you just need a walkthrough on how to set up your IRC client, this is where you should go.
Glossary - Look here for definitions of IRC and Global Gamers terminology.
Files & Scripts - Downloads for Global Gamers
Get Help! - Contact the GG Support Team through the FAQ page.