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You can unregister your own channel without the use of network staff. Just use /msg ChanServ UNREGISTER #channel or !unregister (in the channel).

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You may login with your GG
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Getting Connected

If this is your first time using Global Gamers, or you are switching to a new IRC client and need assistance with setting it up, please visit our Getting Started guide to see how to configure your IRC client to connect to the Global Gamers network.

Help! I'm G-lined/banned!

Are you unable to connect to Global Gamers because you are G-lined (banned)? The tool below will tell you if you are G-lined, how long the G-line will last, and if it's possible to remove the G-line so that you can get back to chatting and gaming.

I'm not banned, but I still can't connect!

If you need any kind of help with Global Gamers, please contact our Support Team.