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Have you ever seen a clone of yourself when you accidentally got disconnected from the network and wanted to kill it? To do so, type /msg NickServ ghost nickname

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Files & Scripts

There are some mIRC scripts that will work with our network/services which might be useful to you. Here's a list:

AutoAuth is a simple on-connect script that will log you in automatically when you connect to Global Gamers.
Version: 1.0
Creator: risbo
Downloads: 2391
i.WL is a script which allows you to record the number of won and lost matches for your clan by typing commands like '.addwin' and '.addloss', '.lastmatch', '.news' and so forth. You can dynamically set your topic and it will change the topic of your channel including won/lost matches as well as lastmatch and news info!
Version: 0.1
Creator: iknietjij
Downloads: 2020
i.VHost is able to connect you with a random nickname, log you into your account and then changing your nick to your main nick. It also includes multi-server and multi-network support, auto-nick-retake, as well as a perform for each that executes after changing your nickname.

2.1.2 changes:
* Fixed connection IDs to static.
2.1.1 changes:
* Update checker fixed!
* Global Gamers new network name.
Version: 2.1.2
Creator: iknietjij
Downloads: 1776
i.Buffer is an addition to i.VHost, but not required. It is a buffer for your client, so it can send multiple lines slowly, without excess flooding.
Version: 1.2
Creator: iknietjij
Downloads: 1794
i.WHide allows you to hide windows using mIRCs built-in /window command. It allows you to set channels to automatically hide when you join them, on a per-network base.

When a window is hidden and an event (text, kicks etc) happens in the channel it is relayed into an @Window, but only if the channel isn't 'muted' in the script settings and if the events are relayed according to the settings.

So if you're in many channels but do not say much in those channels, i.WHide is something for you!
Version: 0.1.5
Creator: iknietjij
Downloads: 1803