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Clan Services Guide

Global Gamers now offers services available through ChanServ that are catered to clans. These features, under the project name of "GameServ", are undergoing constant revision and expansion, so expect many new things to be added. Currently the GameServ project only supports clan scrimmages. Future plans include support for PUGs. Similar features are planned for guilds. For now, any guild can still use the existing features, but will need to tolerate being referred to as a "clan".

Any channel that uses the clan features is automatically added to the Global Gamers Clan Database.

To begin using the scrimmage features in your clan's channel, you just need to set up a couple options through ChanServ. This will allow you to send and receive the appropriate scrimmage requests. First, you must add a game to your clan's channel using the !addgame (game id) command. You will need to find the abbreviation (or "Game ID") for the game your clan would like to participate in. The LISTGAMES command will list all of the currently supported games, along with their Game IDs. If the game your clan plays is NOT listed, please contact a Global Gamers staff member to have it added to our database. It's a very painless step to add any new game support. Once you have found your supported game's Game ID, simply use the CLANSET GAME command to select that game. Here are examples of the commands:

!addgame bf2
!clanset name My New Clan

/msg ChanServ listgames
/msg ChanServ addgame #yourchannel bf2
/msg ChanServ clanset #yourchannel name My New Clan

Now if you type !clanset or /msg ChanServ claninfo #yourchannel you will see that your channel is set up for your game of choice (our example would show it as Battlefield 2) and you are ready to request and receive scrimmage requests. If your clan starts playing another game, just use the ADDGAME command to add the new game to your channel. It's that simple! Retire from a game? Use the DELGAME command! You can find the rest of the GameServ commands below to help you set your clan's name, enable/disable scrimmage requests, look up another clan channel's information, or remove clan settings from your channel. If you have any questions or suggestions, please let us know right away! Join #GlobalGamers and we can help you and you clan out with whatever you need. Check back for more updates as well. We will continue to expand our services as fast as we can code the new features!


CLANINFO - Displays clan information for a channel.
/msg ChanServ CLANINFO #channel
!claninfo #channel

CLANSET - Change your channel's clan settings.
/msg ChanServ CLANSET #channel option
!clanset option

  • NAME - The full name of the clan.
    /msg ChanServ CLANSET #channel NAME clan name
    !clanset NAME clan name
  • TAG - The short tag the clan uses.
    /msg ChanServ CLANSET #channel TAG tag
    !clanset NAME clan name
  • WEBSITE - The clan's website address.
    /msg ChanServ CLANSET #channel WEBSITE address
    !clanset NAME clan name
  • HIDDEN - Toggles whether or not the clan will be shown in the Clan Database.
    /msg ChanServ CLANSET #channel HIDDEN on/off
    !clanset HIDDEN on/off

/msg ChanServ CLANSET #channel <game id> option
!clanset <game id> option

  • CHALLENGE - Determines if the clan will receive scrim requests for that game.
    /msg ChanServ CLANSET #channel <game id> CHALLENGE on/off
    !clanset <game id> CHALLENGE on/off
  • RECRUITING - Lists the clan as actively recruiting for that game.
    /msg ChanServ CLANSET #channel <game id> RECRUITING on/off
    !clanset <game id> RECRUITING on/off
  • ROSTER - A list of the clan members.
    /msg ChanServ CLANSET #channel <game id> ROSTER clan member names
    !clanset <game id> ROSTER clan member names
  • LEADERS - A list of the clan leaders.
    /msg ChanServ CLANSET #channel <game id> LEADERS leader names
    !clanset <game id> LEADERS leader names
  • EMAIL - An email address to reach a clan leader. (Note: This setting is not yet used.)
    /msg ChanServ CLANSET #channel <game id> EMAIL email address
    !clanset <game id> EMAIL email address
  • PUBSERVER - The clan's public server information.
    /msg ChanServ CLANSET #channel <game id> PUBSERVER server info
    !clanset <game id> PUBSERVER server info
  • PRIVSERVER - The clan's private server information. (Note: This setting is not yet used.)
    /msg ChanServ CLANSET #channel <game id> PRIVSERVER server information
    !clanset <game id> PRIVSERVER server information
  • VOICESERVER - The clan's voice chat server information.
    /msg ChanServ CLANSET #channel <game id> VOICESERVER server information
    !clanset <game id> VOICESERVER server information
  • LASTMATCH - Details of the last match the clan played.
    /msg ChanServ CLANSET #channel <game id> LASTMATCH match information
    !clanset <game id> LASTMATCH match information
  • WINS - The number of wins the clan has.
    /msg ChanServ CLANSET #channel <game id> WINS number
    !clanset <game id> WINS number
  • LOSSES - The number of losses the clan has.
    /msg ChanServ CLANSET #channel <game id> LOSSES number
    !clanset <game id> LOSSES number
  • TIES - The number of ties the clan has.
    /msg ChanServ CLANSET #channel <game id> TIES number
    !clanset <game id> TIES number

SCRIM - Sends out a scrimmage request to all clans for that game that are able to receive scrim requests.
/msg ChanServ SCRIM #channel <game id> <players per team> [have server]
!scrim <players per team> [have server]
The first parameter is the number of players per team, so if you specify 4, the request will show as 4v4. If you specify the number as (number)v(number) it will show up as you specify. (3v4 will be sent as 3v4)
The second parameter is whether or not you have a server already, so specify Yes or No. (Default: No)
Note: A scrim request can only be sent from a channel once every 5 minutes to limit the spam.
!scrim bf2 16 yes
!scrim ut2004 4v4 no
For backwards compatibility, the SCRIM command supports using !scrim <players per team> [have server] if the channel only has one game assigned to it.
LISTGAMES - Lists all of the games currently supported. Contact a GG staff member to add a game to the list!
/msg ChanServ LISTGAMES

ADDGAME - Adds a game to the list of games played by your clan.
/msg ChanServ ADDGAME #channel <game id>
!addgame <game id>

DELGAME - Removes a game from the list of games played by your clan.
/msg ChanServ DELGAME #channel <game id>
!delgame <game id>

REMOVECLAN - Removes all clan data from a channel. The channel will no longer receive scrimmage requests and the CLANINFO command will return that the channel is not set up for a clan.
/msg ChanServ REMOVECLAN #channel

RECRUITING - See what clans are recruiting in your favorite game.
/msg ChanServ RECRUITING <game id>
!recruiting <game id>