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There is a difference between the modes +C and +c. The mode +C blocks CTCP messages to the channel while +c blocks color-coded messages. The mode +S will strip color-codes from messages that are sent to the channel.

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Getting Started!

Welcome to the Global Gamers IRC network! We've prepared a brief guide to help you get started! The first thing you should do is to become familiar with our Rules so that you don't find yourself getting into trouble.

There are multiple ways to connect to Global Gamers! You may either use our webchat which you can find at the top of the page in the navigation bar or you may use your client of choice. For assistance getting started, you can read our quick connect guides below!

Quick Connect Guides


You can also enjoy Global Gamers without installing any software! Just use our Webchat page.

Once Connected...

Once you've managed to connect to our network, the next thing you should do is register a NickServ account. What does NickServ do you ask? Well, it holds all of your channel access information, registered nicks, and fakehost information. It's an essential part of your use of the Global Gamers IRC network.

Important NickServ Commands

  • To register a NickServ account, type:
    /ns register accountname password emailaddress
    Make sure you use a password you will remember and a real e-mail address, since it will be required to validate your account.

  • To authenticate/login to your NickServ account any time you connect to GG after registering, type:
    /ns auth accountname password
  • To change your account password, type:
    /ns pass oldpassword newpassword
    You can apply for a free custom fakehost by joining#GlobalGamers and messaging HelpServ or asking help from a Global Gamers staff member.
  • To hide your IP/host from other users, type:
    /ns set autohide on
    This will hide your IP/host from users automatically each time you auth to your NickServ account.
    You can apply for a free custom fakehost by joining #GlobalGamers and messaging HelpServ or asking help from a Global Gamers staff member.
  • (Note: /ns in the above commands is just a shortcut for /msg - Obviously /ns is easier to type so we recommend using that.)

    Important ChanServ Commands

    First, it's important to know that ChanServ commands can be performed in multiple ways. In a channel that already has ChanServ, you may issue commands as !command (example: !help) or /cs command #channel (example: /cs info #channel).

  • To register a channel (in other words: get a ChanServ in your channel), type:
    /cs register #channel
    If other users are occupying the channel you must have OP (@) status to register the channel.
  • Other common ChanServ commands:
    Kick: !k nick reason
    Ban: !b nick/hostmask
    Kick & Ban: !kb nick/hostmask reason
    Timed Ban:* !tb nick/hostmask duration reason
    Permanent Ban: !addban nick/hostmask reason
    Delete Ban: !delban nick/hostmask
    Op: !op nick(s)
    DeOp: !deop nick(s)
    Halfop: !hop nick(s)
    DeHalfop: !dehop nick(s)
    Voice: !v nick(s)
    DeVoice: !dv nick(s)
    Channel Modes: !mode +/-mode value
    Topic: !topic content
    Add User: !adduser nick/*account level
    Delete User: !deluser nick/*account
    Change Someone's Access Level: !clvl nick/*account new-level
    Invite to Channel: !invite nick
    Invite Yourself to Channel: !inviteme #channel
    Settings: !set setting value
    Recently Executed Commands: !history
    Channel Information: !info
    Check Access Level: !a nick/*account
    Network Staff: !staff
    Infoline: !setinfo content
    Notes: !note value
    Help: !help value
    Show Commands: !showcommands
    Network Information: !ni
    Unregister Channel: !unregister

    *Duration Codes: s = seconds | m = minutes | h = hours | d = days | w = weeks | M = months | y = years (Ex: !tb newbie 1w2d) 
  • Global Gamers offers a special account flag for bots that require less flood restrictions to operate efficiently. If you would like this bot access flag, please see a staff member in #GlobalGamers.

    If you ever need network assistance for any reason, you are encouraged to come visit us in #GlobalGamers and /msg HelpServ with your request, and we'll be glad to assist you as soon as we can. We hope you enjoyed our brief new user guide on how to get started here on GG. We'll see you around the network!